Welcome to Owldallas a blog about writing, motivation, experiences, and… owls.

I tend to be very candid and personal when it comes to writing, especially when writing about my life. I consider my Blog to be a way for me to share of my life and a hopefully to be a fun and motivational resource for you. Sometimes I am known to be bubbly, or, as my friends say “goofy”, but what would life be without a bit of laughter, and it makes for a great reading and writing experience. Life is about having lots of fun, because let’s face it, it is too short not to. I write from the heart and soul and what comes out is the raw workings of my mind.

This blog is based on my career as a professional writer, helping to influence and connect with other writers and/ or owl lovers as well.

As a nature lover I like to write about beautiful landscapes, wildlife, and the environment. I also have a passion about health, fitness, and holistic wellbeing. As a writer based out of California my writing has some of that essential west coast flare and influence. As a west coaster I love the sun, being active outdoors, and I have a pretty keen sense of adventure – all of these characteristics find their way into this blog.

I look forward to this blogging journey with you.