Local businesses making a comeback

I read on the news that local businesses are beginning to come back as no-one wants to go to the big retail shops and do an enormous shop anymore, which is a complete 180 degree turn around from where we were last year. Tesco and the big boys have stopped buying up land and building more superstores and look at Tesco’s profits recently, not good at all.

So if this is to be believed, the local high street could be making a comeback and wouldn’t that be great!! Local businesses could be profitable again as people go against the tide of big stores in big boring retail parks. Our local shops have taken a big hit recently, so this is amazing news for them.

Delis, coffee shops, florists, charity shops, craft shops, pubs, will all be making a comeback. And that is amazing in my opinion as so many great stores have closed down, Woolworths included because they didn’t change quick enough and the trend was national companies, which wasn’t liked but happened. As did online shopping, which is great in my opinion but so are local services and shops.

I would always choose a local supplier or service where possible, wouldn’t you? I know the price has to be right and often it is. I recently, in the last 2 years had to call both a locksmith and a glazier out as we had locked ourselves out and had a broken window. Both big problems and emergencies in their own right. And we called on our local locksmith, who came out within an hour, no call out fee and fixed the lock in 30 minutes, which was a go send as we had plans and were really stuck. I guess we could have broken a window but that just causes another issue.

And saying that we had a broken double glazed window recently, not really sure how it happened, it was in the back garden and we called our local glazier who we knew did emergencies and he was great, out in 45 minutes as  promised and again no call out fee, he fixed it and cleared up within an hour of arriving, great job.