Finding Your Passion…

Did you know that contrary to popular belief sports cars, finely chiseled bodies or big houses are not always the objects of desire on people’s wish lists?  Anyone who has imbibed in a little retail therapy to lift their spirits will tell you the buzz is short term and often hollow and eating rice cakes and pumping iron to seek perfection nothing but a meaningless bore.

No, the latest must-have which is more precious than the Hope Diamond, more to-die-for than the latest Fendi handbag and guaranteed to arouse more teeth-grinding then being a published author on the New York Times Best-selling list IS- wait for it – PASSION.

Yes, passion.  A word so in love with itself that it is even delicious to say, to roll around the mouth.   It’s a word that probably kisses its own reflection in the mirror it’s so crazy about itself.

Be passionate about passion.  Everyone wants passion in their lives.  Passion is fashion.   For many adding passion to their lives provides meaning.

Let me explain.  As a coach, people come to me wanting more out of life – more love, money, self-confidence, direction, recognition, realization of dreams – but also many are pursuing passion in their lives.

Now for some passion is innate.  They don’t have to think about it and they throw themselves into their passion be it rescuing animals, human rights or collecting rare coins.  These are the lucky ones.  They know what lights up their lives and then gravitate towards it.  It becomes a non-negotiable wellspring of happiness, inspiration and purpose.

For others, life without a passion can seem like a chore only to be watching from the outside up against the windows of other people’s joy and good fortune.

Life really does seem to be missing something.

The next step would be to start living your life with purpose to help you start finding your passion.

So is it possible to acquire a passion?  If so how do you go about finding something that makes your heart sing and absorbs your energy so you feel connected and alive?  Is it possible to live a happy fulfilled life without passion in it?

I don’t know all the answers but I do know this – in order to find passion, you must KNOW yourself.  In order to know yourself you must ask yourself some questions:

  • What makes me smile?
  • What catches my eye?
  • When do I feel most happy and peaceful?
  • Who or what inspires me?
  • What do I do well and easily?
  • What would I like to be responsibly selfish about?
  • How can I be of use to others and in what way?

Let this be a starting point for you if you are a pathfinder to passion. Then in the spirit of curiosity allow yourself to journey and explore new things, give yourself permission to try on new things and listen to the whispers which are deep down within you.

My passion?  I am passionate about helping my clients get to their goals, my friends, travel, music, good food and wine, and making my life as joyful, meaningful and effortless as possible while I’m alive.

You really already possess the answer right now.  Allow your passion to evolve. Contact Kathleen a good life coach friend of mine for help on her web site Sunny life coach.

But be warned – my currency is dealing in possible dreams (and sometimes seemingly impossible ones) – be prepared to embark on a journey of discovery.