Santa Barbara: The land of martinis and nature

So, as I’ve said in my welcome post… I’m a California girl through and through. More specifically, I’m a Santa Barbara girl. I absolutely love living here because it gives me the lifestyle I have always dreamed of and wanted.

Straight up, Santa Barbara is the perfect city for nature lovers, food and beverage connoisseurs, or those who really love a good beach. My perfect day in Santa Barbara begins with a walk to the waterfront for breakfast. After breakfast,hit the beach! You can lounge in the sun, or you can surf, kayak, or even build a few sand creatures or castles. Once you’ve had a good dose of sunshine treat yourself to some of the best tacos ever at La Super-Rica Taqueria for lunch followed by walk round Mission Santa Barbara for a bout of Spanish-era history and culture followed by lunch. After getting your fill of tacos burn off some of those calories by walking to a few wine tasting rooms on the Urban Wine Trail.

I personally love an early afternoon nap, but if that’s not your thing visit the historical shopping district and work up your appetite for supper… see, this city is the next thing to heaven.

Did I mention that Santa Barbara Country has ten owl species, and out of the ten species eight live here year-round, while two visit us during their winter migration (Dang, that’s a lot of owls right?). In Santa Barbara we usually see Great Horned owls, Barn owls, and Western Screech owls- these are three of the seven that make this county their permanent residence. We also sometimes see the California Spotted owls, Long-eared owls, Northern Pygmy owls, Northern Saw-whet owls and Flammulated owls, they also live in the county all year long but live higher up in our mountains, or into wilderness areas. Either way, we have lots of owls which sort of makes this the perfect place for me.

I think that I love this city for so many reasons. It is absolutely welcoming and diverse, the people are so kind here, and there is something for everyone. I consider myself to be very lucky to call this place my home. And the people are so nice and friendly, I have a good friend who works in a local service company and she loves it too.