Motivational writing

When you chose your profession, what was the reason behind it?

I decided that I wanted to be a writer to make a difference in the world, I wasn’t sure how, but I figured that writing can be immortalized. So even if something that I write doesn’t make a difference while I am still alive, it could do so one day, maybe in a hundred years or so (although I would much rather it make a difference now).

Now, I’m not saying that you have to choose your career based of this, but if you have a talent why not find a way to use it for something great? Seriously… ask yourself why and try to come up with a legitimate answer (because I doubt anyone could come up with little more than a basic excuse).

There are so many people that use their craft to make a difference, and I sincerely believe that it is something we should all do. Look at all of the athletes that run marathons for a cause, or people like Michael Cuccione who used their talent as a large part of their activism. I think that it’s important, I mean, if we’re given a gift- whether it be writing, singing, athleticism, art, anything at all- why not use it for the greater good? I think we have a responsibility to use our gifts to help and to make a difference in the world. Furthermore by using your talents and gifts in these ways that benefit the world around us, you inspire and even motivate others to do the same- the power of inspiration is pretty incredible and is something you should never shy away from.

We each are born with unique gifts to share with the world. We’re meant to live our lives full of passion, meaning, and magic.  And the world needs each and every one of us to rise to the occasion and be the best we can be every single moment. This way we can give back to the world nature, society, and our communities.

What if you woke up one day and found out that your ability to use your gift was gone? That would be devastating for you and for the world. Because of this I write every day like it is my last day that I and hold a pen (or use a keyboard but let’s face it… it’s so much less romantic). But as a great writer said “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” -Ernest Hemingway. It is the same with anyone who has a natural talent… let it flow.