Fake it ‘til you make it – the art of the self- fulfilling prophesy

It can be easy to lack confidence in the competitive world in which we live… unfortunately, when we don’t have faith in ourselves others lose faith in us as well.  If we think and say we can’t do something or that we will fail… we will usually prove ourselves correct. This is why we have to use the self-fulfilling prophesy for our advantage and not our downfall. If you think you’re going to be successful you are usually correct- again, self-fulfilling prophesy. If you act confident, you will eventually start to feel confident.
Now when I tell you to fake it ‘til you make it, I’m not telling you to pretend that you know how to perform heart surgery or anything like that. What I am saying is, when you go onto that job interview be honest but be confident … or at least portray yourself as confident and happy to be there. Tell yourself you’re going to get the job…  If your stomach is twisting because of how anxious you are, don’t tell yourself that you’re going to throw up… because of the whole self-fulfilling prophesy thing (you don’t want it to come true). If its your first time being team lead and you’re feeling nervous and are worried about asserting yourself in your team as the leader don’t let it show, act confident and assertive… let people know that you’re a good and kind leader but also one who won’t be someone’s doormat.

I remember back in university my anxiety would build in the hours leading up to a class presentation, my palms would be sweaty and my voice would be shaky (this is all perfectly normal), but when students would ask me questions about my presentation I sounded unsure…. However I learned that the best way to get over this anxiety was to face it. By embodying confidence while facing your fears or your worries you create real life confidence deep within yourself. I began practicing leveling the tone and volume of my voice, perfecting the speed of my voice to a metronome so that I would present as a confident and self-assured individual. It worked, I sounded great… even though I felt like I was going to be sick. The more I did it, the more comfortable I became. Furthermore, people asked me how I had become such a confident and clear speaker (truth was… at that point, I still wasn’t).

As an adult when I was trying to get freelance writing jobs people would asked why they should go with my work and not someone else’s. I think the way they phrased it was “what do you have to offer that other writers don’t?” and I think in the back of my head I wanted to say “well nothing… I’m sure they all offer about the same stuff as me…” but if I said that why would I get the job. So I talked about my passions, my aspirations, and what was unique about my writing style. More often than not, it worked.

And a crazy side line here as look out of the window, is my trees need trimming, this is a kind of self-fulfilling prophesy, well actually no it isn’t but they need a trim!! And the local guys have been recommended to me.

So next time you have a job interview, meeting, presentation, or anything you are feeling unsure about… don’t fret! Tell yourself you got it, and fake it ‘till you make it.

Motivational writing

When you chose your profession, what was the reason behind it?

I decided that I wanted to be a writer to make a difference in the world, I wasn’t sure how, but I figured that writing can be immortalized. So even if something that I write doesn’t make a difference while I am still alive, it could do so one day, maybe in a hundred years or so (although I would much rather it make a difference now).

Now, I’m not saying that you have to choose your career based of this, but if you have a talent why not find a way to use it for something great? Seriously… ask yourself why and try to come up with a legitimate answer (because I doubt anyone could come up with little more than a basic excuse).

There are so many people that use their craft to make a difference, and I sincerely believe that it is something we should all do. Look at all of the athletes that run marathons for a cause, or people like Michael Cuccione who used their talent as a large part of their activism. I think that it’s important, I mean, if we’re given a gift- whether it be writing, singing, athleticism, art, anything at all- why not use it for the greater good? I think we have a responsibility to use our gifts to help and to make a difference in the world. Furthermore by using your talents and gifts in these ways that benefit the world around us, you inspire and even motivate others to do the same- the power of inspiration is pretty incredible and is something you should never shy away from.

We each are born with unique gifts to share with the world. We’re meant to live our lives full of passion, meaning, and magic.  And the world needs each and every one of us to rise to the occasion and be the best we can be every single moment. This way we can give back to the world nature, society, and our communities.

What if you woke up one day and found out that your ability to use your gift was gone? That would be devastating for you and for the world. Because of this I write every day like it is my last day that I and hold a pen (or use a keyboard but let’s face it… it’s so much less romantic). But as a great writer said “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” -Ernest Hemingway. It is the same with anyone who has a natural talent… let it flow.


I love owls, being a night owl myself, it’s hard not to connect. Living in Santa Barbara I am lucky to be close to so many species of owls, and love when I have the opportunity to see them . Santa Barbara has Great Horned owls, Barn owls, and Western Screech owls which are our most common, California Spotted owls, Long-eared owls, Northern Pygmy owls, Northern Saw-whet owls and Flammulated owls which keep out of sight in less populated areas, and we also get Short-eared owls and Burrowing owls during the winter.
The largest of Santa Barbara’s owls is the Great Horned owl it’s giant, while our smallest owls the Northern Pygmy owl and Flammulated owl they are so adorable that they make you turn to mush (literally).
Owls are tough carnivorous birds, eating mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and insects. Owls are strong hunters and both catching and kill their prey with their strong talons. Their preference, however is mice and other rodents (it’s like their steak and lobster).
Owls have astonishing night time vision, particularly developed sense of hearing, are stealthy fliers, are and have so many cultural meanings. Many first nations/ indigenous cultures in the USA and Canada believe that owls are the messenger’s death or are bringers of wisdom. In ancient Greek culture owls represented knowledge, in ancient Egyptian, Celtic, and Hindu cultures the owl was the guardian of the underworlds, and played a role in the protection of the dead. Because of this believed connection between owls and death or the dead a lot of people have misunderstood the owls as something to be afraid of. This is not the case at all, owls are believed to be kind and benevolent creatures that give those who have passed protection and those who have been left behind knowledge that their loved ones are okay.
Owls are becoming more and more in danger, largely because of the act of humans on their natural habitats. With the destruction of their forests and ecosystems many owls are killed, and many of the survivors eggs are destroyed as forests are toppled for various forms of industry. Owls are often exposed to toxic chemicals in forestry and agriculture, some have been poisoned by exposure to the insecticide carbofuran, which is used to fight epidemic populations of grasshoppers.As humans, it is our job to protect wildlife from this sort of tragedy. It would be devastating if the owl was the next white rhino or dodo bird.
Owls are beautiful creatures that play an important role in our ecosystem, we may not realize how they play such an important role in our lives, economy, and environment. Owls kill insects and rodents, this means that they protect agricultural areas and benefit humans by killing large numbers of small rodents which eat crops or rodents and bugs that run about in front of your house giving you a fright!
Basically what I am saying is that these birds are amazing… and we have to do what we can to protect them before they are gone.

Santa Barbara: The land of martinis and nature

So, as I’ve said in my welcome post… I’m a California girl through and through. More specifically, I’m a Santa Barbara girl. I absolutely love living here because it gives me the lifestyle I have always dreamed of and wanted.

Straight up, Santa Barbara is the perfect city for nature lovers, food and beverage connoisseurs, or those who really love a good beach. My perfect day in Santa Barbara begins with a walk to the waterfront for breakfast. After breakfast,hit the beach! You can lounge in the sun, or you can surf, kayak, or even build a few sand creatures or castles. Once you’ve had a good dose of sunshine treat yourself to some of the best tacos ever at La Super-Rica Taqueria for lunch followed by walk round Mission Santa Barbara for a bout of Spanish-era history and culture followed by lunch. After getting your fill of tacos burn off some of those calories by walking to a few wine tasting rooms on the Urban Wine Trail.

I personally love an early afternoon nap, but if that’s not your thing visit the historical shopping district and work up your appetite for supper… see, this city is the next thing to heaven.

Did I mention that Santa Barbara Country has ten owl species, and out of the ten species eight live here year-round, while two visit us during their winter migration (Dang, that’s a lot of owls right?). In Santa Barbara we usually see Great Horned owls, Barn owls, and Western Screech owls- these are three of the seven that make this county their permanent residence. We also sometimes see the California Spotted owls, Long-eared owls, Northern Pygmy owls, Northern Saw-whet owls and Flammulated owls, they also live in the county all year long but live higher up in our mountains, or into wilderness areas. Either way, we have lots of owls which sort of makes this the perfect place for me.

I think that I love this city for so many reasons. It is absolutely welcoming and diverse, the people are so kind here, and there is something for everyone. I consider myself to be very lucky to call this place my home. And the people are so nice and friendly, I have a good friend who works in a local service company and she loves it too.

Welcome to my blog

Hello friends! And welcome to my blog.

For those of you who don’t really know me, let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Jane (and no, I’m not plain, so don’t waste your breath and try to pun), and I am a California girl through and through. More specifically, I am a Santa Barbara girl (sort of like the original ‘California girl’ Katy Perry!)I am a sun and beach lover (California girl move I know), I drink my martini dirty… like really dirty (because olives are awesome), I am a professional  writer and am just jumping into the blogosphere, and I a am a total nature lover… when it comes to animals I love them all… but more specifically I love owls (like borderline obsession).

Now you might wonder… why owls? Why not dolphins or elephants? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE dolphins and totally adore elephants but for some reason my affection towards owls are beyond that for a number of reasons. They are beautiful, cute even, they have so many cultural meanings, they are tough, and they are totally misunderstood. Now who wouldn’t connect with anything with thosequalities! (Don’t worry, I’ll let you know more about why owls are epic… just not right now). Be prepared, you are going to love owls as much as I do by the time I am through with you.

In coming blog entries, I will share more about me- my beautiful city, a bit about owls, some inspiration and a tad of motivation (the recipe for a great blog). I may also share with you some tales from my many great adventures. My goal is to inspire you, inform you, and entertain you from the framework of my experiences.

I really hope that you enjoy my blog, I know that I am going to enjoy sharing with you! So welcome to the adventure that is my life!

My Dallas link is due to my parents being from Dallas, so I know it really well and wanted them remembered as well.

Until next time!